New Patient School

In the first stages of getting new patients, we must focus on how to gain attention (via marketing) and more importantly, how to maximize your show rate numbers. In this first video, Sam Carlson and Dr. Andrew Wells show you the tactics and scripts to fill your practice with new patients.

Front Desk Freedom

In this video, we take a more in-depth look at the front desk protocols and scripts used to create consistent success. Dr. Wells shares personal insights into the training and systems he used to create several 7-figure clinics.

Day 1 Re-Mastered

In this video, Dr. Wells teaches what the most successful practices are doing now to prepare patients for an easy enrollment on Day 2. He shares both his framework as well as scripts so you can have flawless first visits in your clinic.

Enrolling 80% of Prospects Into Patients

In this training, Dr. Wells and I take a look at Day 2, and the processes and psychological steps to follow to enroll new patients above an 80% close rate. If you struggle to enroll patients systematically, this is for you. This is Part 1.

Day 2: The Perfect Report of Findings

In this training, Dr. Wells and I tackle part 2 of Day 2. This is a process many refer to as "The Report of Findings", and is the final step in new patient enrollment. We discuss pre-frame techniques, education, and the professional approach to handing objections.

LIVE ROLE PLAY: The Perfect Report of Findings

In this training, Dr. Wells and I put our money where our mouth(s) are and perform and actual Report of Findings implementing lessons from the past several weeks. This is an invaluable piece of the puzzle as it allows your to get a glimpse into what is required to perform a perfect Report of Findings in your practice.